Transport for London – Highway Asset Management Plan


Subjects addressed:

Financial Management/Asset Valuation, General/TAM Practice, Inventory and Condition Assessment, Maintenance and Preservation, Performance Measurement and Management, Resource Allocation and Program Development, Risk Management

Topics addressed:

Asset Management Plans

Asset types addressed:

Bridge, Drainage and Stormwater, General, Highway Lighting, Other Assets, Pavement, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Tunnels


Title: Transport for London – Highway Asset Management Plan
Resource type: TAMP
Year published:
Publisher: Transport for London (UK)

Transport for London's 2007 Highway Asset Management Plan is structured to first, connect strategic context with everyday work, and second, to outline the capital renewal and operational management of various highway asset types. For each of the asset types covered in the TAMP, the document provides a summary describing the importance of maintaining the asset in a state of good repair, as well as potential improvements.