TAM Webinar 42: TAM and BIM


Subjects addressed:

Data Management and Integration, General/TAM Practice

Topics addressed:

Analytical Tools and Models, Data Collection Tools/Technologies, Guidance/Lessons Learned

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Title: TAM Webinar 42: TAM and BIM
Resource type: Webinar
Year published: 2020
Publisher: FHWA & AASHTO
URL: https://old.tam-portal.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/tam-webinar-42.pdf

Advancements are being made in building information modeling (BIM) that will enhance capabilities of TAM programs. This webinar will provide an overview of BIM, the current state of the practice, and potential future advancements, followed by agency presentations of planned and ongoing BIM activities from a TAM perspective.

Featured speakers include:
• Mike Kennerly, Iowa DOT
• Matt Haubrich, Iowa DOT
• Abdul Wakil, Utah DOT
• Kendall Draney, Utah DOT
• Danny Page, Utah DOT
• Karen Riemer, Connecticut DOT
• Bill Pratt, Connecticut DOT
• Connie Yew, FHWA
• William Duke, Spy Pond Partners, LLC

Webinar slides are available here

Webinar video are available here