TAM Webinar 17: Transportation Asset Management and Risk Management


Subjects addressed:

General/TAM Practice, Risk Management

Topics addressed:

Analytical Tools and Models, Asset Management Plans

Asset types addressed:



Title: TAM Webinar 17: Transportation Asset Management and Risk Management
Resource type: Webinar
Year published: 2015
Publisher: FHWA and AASHTO
URL: https://old.tam-portal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/TAMwebinar17-081415v2.pdf

This webinar will provide three examples of advancements in how transportation agencies are addressing risk management in their asset management programs. It will emphasize the tools and resources applied by agencies and their experience in delivering the desired impact. The webinar will include two presentations that were featured at a recent peer exchange on risk management and asset management: the first from John Milton of Washington State DOT and the second from Aimee Flannery of Applied Engineering Management, Heather Paddock of Colorado DOT, and Randy Jensen of FHWA's Colorado Division. The webinar will also include an international perspective with a presentation from Martin Gordon of Opus International Consultants (Canada). ​

Slides are available here.

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You can learn more about the FHWA/AASHTO TAM Webinar series at: https://old.tam-portal.com/tam-webinars/.