TAM Knowledge Portal (NCHRP 08-36 Task 125A)


Subjects addressed:

General/TAM Practice

Topics addressed:

Communications, Data Collection Tools/Technologies, Guidance/Lessons Learned

Asset types addressed:



Title: TAM Knowledge Portal (NCHRP 08-36 Task 125A)
Resource type: Research ReportWebsite
Year published: 2018
Publisher: TRB
URL: http://apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNetProjectDisplay.asp?ProjectID=3684

The AASHTO TAM Portal is a transportation asset management knowledge portal: a searchable database of links to a wide range of resources related to transportation asset management. The interactive portal is designed to provide transportation asset management practitioners with the ability to search and access relevant documents and/or web links to information from multiple sources. The report documents the results of the activities carried out under the continuation of NCHRP Project 08-36(125).