Plant and Vehicle Management Manual


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Asset Management Plans

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Buildings, General


Title: Plant and Vehicle Management Manual
Resource type: Research Report
Year published: 2012
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia Limited (IPWEA)

The IPWEA Plant and Vehicle Management Manual provides public works professionals and civil contractors with far more than a general guide to plant and vehicle management—it provides vital information to assist in establishing an efficient and cost effective fleet management program. Fleet assets represent a significant investment for local government and public works agencies. One of the aims of the Institute has been to raise the profile of this essential part of the business and to increase awareness of its importance among senior management. Plant and vehicle management has long been the most neglected area of asset management, often overlooked for assets such as roads and buildings. Now, asset management and related business functions hold equal importance. Many leading business operations rely on a well-equipped and properly maintained fleet in order to provide a cost-competitive and efficient service. The role of the fleet manager is now also that of asset and investment manager. The fleet manager must be concerned with returning the best value on the capital investment, not just financially but operationally and socially, as environmental considerations are also of importance.