Pavement Management Systems – The Washington State Experience


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Life Cycle Costing/Economic Analysis, Performance Measurement and Management

Topics addressed:

Management Information Systems

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Title: Pavement Management Systems – The Washington State Experience
Resource type: Research Report
Year published: 2008
Publisher: FHWA

This case study details the pavement management process at Washington State DOT. The agency employs its Pavement Management System (WSPMS) to manage the State's pavements. WSPMS contains pavement condition, construction, and traffic history data. The system helps analysts to identify candidate pavement projects, predict timing for rehabilitation projects, and prioritize pavement projects. Along with other analyses, these practices have allowed the WSPMS to act as an integral element of asset management programming at WSDOT. This report is part of the FHWA Office of Asset Management's series of case studies on TAM, produced with the goal of sharing information between agencies to improve efficiency.