Oregon DOT – Asset Management Strategic Plan


Subjects addressed:

Data Management and Integration, General/TAM Practice, Inventory and Condition Assessment, Life Cycle Costing/Economic Analysis, Performance Measurement and Management

Topics addressed:

Asset Management Plans

Asset types addressed:

Bridge, General, Pavement, Transit


Title: Oregon DOT – Asset Management Strategic Plan
Resource type: TAMP
Year published: 2011
Publisher: Oregon DOT
URL: https://www.tamptemplate.org/tamp/010_oregondot/

Oregon DOT's 2011 Asset Management Strategic Plan (AMP) is based on a review of asset management practices and the principles from AASHTO’s Transportation Asset Management Guide. The asset management goals, as outlined in the document, are: foster integrated decision-making, establish a statewide inventory, develop an integrated data system, and create integrated reporting and analysis tools. An implementation plan has been made to reflect each one of these objectives.