New York State DOT TAMP


Subjects addressed:

Financial Management/Asset Valuation, General/TAM Practice, Inventory and Condition Assessment, Life Cycle Costing/Economic Analysis, Maintenance and Preservation, Performance Measurement and Management, Resource Allocation and Program Development, Risk Management

Topics addressed:

Asset Management Plans

Asset types addressed:

Bridge, General, Pavement, Transit


Title: New York State DOT TAMP
Resource type: TAMP
Year published:
Publisher: New York State DOT

This document is a 2014 draft of New York State DOT's TAMP. New York State DOT aims to continue to develop their asset management and investment strategies in order to ensure that they are efficient, effective, and aim to reach a state of good repair across pavement and bridge resources. This TAMP defines asset management objectives, and illustrates visions of improvement and risks for the next 10 years, contextualized within the state's existing and predicted inventory, condition, and available funding.