Guide to Asset Management Part 5B: Roughness


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Inventory and Condition Assessment, Maintenance and Preservation, Performance Measurement and Management

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Title: Guide to Asset Management Part 5B: Roughness
Resource type: Research Report
Year published: 2006
Publisher: ARRB Group Limited

This report contains guidelines for and background notes on the conduct of response type and profile-based roughness measurement for road network management purposes in Australia and New Zealand. The guidelines define roughness as being concerned with road surface profile wavelengths between 0.5 metres and 50 metres. The guidelines describe two broad measures of roughness, viz NAASRA Roughness Meter (NRM roughness values in counts per kilometre) and the International Roughness Index (expressed in units of metres per kilometre), and mark the introduction to Australasia of Lane IRI as a standard form of reporting road pavement roughness. A standard reporting interval of 100 metres is favoured. The guidelines discuss the frequency and extent of network roughness surveys, and are intended as a basis for the preparation of specifications for network roughness surveys. Verification procedures for inertial profilometers, testing frequencies, and limits on repeatability and bias for roughness reports are included. A glossary of terms used in measuring road roughness is also included. (a) Austroads Project AP1009