Guide to Asset Management Part 2: Community and stakeholder requirements


Subjects addressed:

Performance Measurement and Management

Topics addressed:

Asset Management Plans, Communications

Asset types addressed:

General, Pavement


Title: Guide to Asset Management Part 2: Community and stakeholder requirements
Resource type: Research Report
Year published: 2009
Publisher: ARRB Group Limited

This document is part 2 of Guide to Asset Management, and provides guidance on how community and stakeholder requirements can and should influence asset management undertaken by road agencies. As roads are provided as a service to the community, community and stakeholder requirements are the means by which that service is defined. Only through the identification, translation and integration of these requirements (as appropriate) into organisational and asset objectives can road agencies target resources effectively to deliver that service. The direction and clarity provided by an effective framework for understanding community benefits and expectations (i.e. requirements), aids in the development of policies and strategies related to road asset management and performance. With an emphasis on current Australian and New Zealand practice this part provides: 1. an understanding of why it is important to have community and stakeholder input to asset management; 2. an overview of issues and approaches to obtaining and considering community and stakeholder requirements for asset management; 3. advice on how to establish and link community and stakeholder requirements to road agency outcomes. (a) PDF available for purchase.