Far North District Council – Asset Management Plan 2012-2022


Subjects addressed:

Financial Management/Asset Valuation, General/TAM Practice, Maintenance and Preservation, Performance Measurement and Management, Risk Management

Topics addressed:

Asset Management Plans

Asset types addressed:

Bridge, General, Pavement


Title: Far North District Council – Asset Management Plan 2012-2022
Resource type: TAMP
Year published:
Publisher: Far North District Council (New Zealand)
URL: https://www.tamptemplate.org/tamp/004_farnorth/

This document, published in 2011, describes the process for managing assets for the Far North District Council of New Zealand. For each asset type, the plan summarizes the current condition and performance of the assets, in addition to a description of the measures used. The system level of service has also been measured. The improvement plan is divided into improvement tasks, with descriptions, priority ratings, and responsibility.