Organizational Models for Successful Transportation Asset Management Programs

Status: Candidate
Potential Funding: Unspecified


As TAM tools and techniques advance, organizational capabilities in transportation agencies have to advance also to realize the benefits of asset management. Many organizational models and role types exist for TAM programs. People are an integral ingredient for realizing the positive outcomes that are possible with asset management. Transportation agencies today could use assistance in improving organizational capacity to adopt asset management benefits.


This research will focus on understanding successful organizational models for TAM program so that guidance can be provided on how to improve organizational capacities. Two products are sought through this research: 1) Understanding of current organizational models for TAM programs 2) Catalog of possible organizational models for TAM programs that transportation agencies could consider for improving TAM capabilities.

Research Plan:

As part of this research, the contractor will research domestic and international models for TAM program organizations and develop a set of models that represent the various approaches. These models should be described in sufficient detail with diagrams for DOTs to use to improve TAM program organizations. The contractor will work in cooperation with the project panel in identifying the best organizational models for TAM programs that an agency should consider when seeking improvements for their TAM programs. Based on this interaction with and feedback from the panel, the contractor will define at a minimum four distinct organizational models for TAM programs. These models need to be described in sufficient detail with diagrams and key role descriptions. Other issues that should be considered include the following: (1) How to balance accountability versus collaboration; and (2) how would you measure the effectiveness of one model versus another?

Duration: 12 months
Project Budget: $125,000

Topics: Guidance/Lessons Learned
Subjects: General/TAM Practice, Organizational Factors