Methodology to Perform Dynamic Changes to Treatment Plans when Delays Occur

Status: Concept
Potential Funding:


Treatment selection is related to treatment timing. An asset that is identified to have a particular treatment but the treatment, but the treatment is delayed can be improperly treated if the treatment is not reevaluated. If a more dynamic method for selection could be applied at the right time, the end results could be greatly improved, but a concrete methodology to accomplish this is lacking.


The proposed research will first develop a methodology that will allow dynamic changes to treatment plans. Then, the research must test the methodology, as well as identify and quantify cost savings benefits of using the methodology or tool.

Research Plan:

The research plan should:
• Contain a literature review- focused on treatment timing, methodology, and successful dynamic processes
• Select the promising methods to test using the proposed methodology
• Quantify benefits and cost benefits of the different methods

Duration: 36 months
Project Budget: $500,000

Subjects: General/TAM Practice