NCHRP 02-27 Making Targets Matter

Status: Active
Potential Funding: NCHRP Full Program


Research is needed to develop guidance concerning the relationship between target setting and day to day operation. The research should help transportation agencies address performance measures related to:
• Congestion
• Safety
• Asset conditions
• Emissions
• Additional measures, such as measures of sustainability and livability.


This research will develop a guidebook on how to link goals and targets to day-to-day operation. The guidebook has the potential to help agencies:
• develop strategies to link targets and goals to the day-to-day operation
• obtain better predictions of future performance

Research Plan:

The proposed research will include the following activities:
• Review existing and successful practices for strengthening the relationship between target setting and day to day operation
• Survey transportation agencies (state DOTs and MPOs) on target setting
• Develop a framework for linking target setting and day to day operation
o Setting targets to support operations in a range of performance areas
o How to address common challenges in target setting
o Considerations in reporting predicted performance
• Prepare a guidance document
• Perform analysis and conduct follow up interviews
• Prepare a final report incorporating the guidance document and detailing the research performed as part of the project

Duration: 9-12 months
Project Budget: $100,000

Topics: Guidance/Lessons Learned
Subjects: Performance Measurement and Management, Risk Management