How to Recruit, Train and Maintain a TAM Staff

Status: Concept
Timeframe: Near-term
Potential Funding:


Transportation Asset Management (TAM) brings with it new fields and emerging technologies. These innovations require employees to have a different skill set then what was previously necessary. Co-ordination cross departments and silos is mandatory. Effective data management and effective use of systems and analytics is essential. With all of these new employee skills being critical to effective operations, transit agencies face the difficulty of recruiting, training, and maintaining a TAM staff.


The primary focus of this research is, at a most basic level, to help agencies strengthen their work force. This should be accomplished by researching areas where:
• Agencies lack a comprehensive list of necessary skills for a given position
• Agencies lack a comprehensive list of which positions are most critical to keep fully staffed. In an era of shrinking budgets, effectively prioritizing hiring decisions is crucial.
• There is a gap in knowledge regarding existing certifications.

Research Plan:

The research plan for this project must include, but need not be limited to:
• A complete review of existing certifications.
• Completing competencies
• Developing position descriptions for use when advertising vacant positions
All of this data should be compiled in a detailed report, as well as a succinct executive summary that is accessible to all decision-makers.

Project Budget:

Subjects: General/TAM Practice