Guideline for Cross-Jurisdictional Asset Data Integration

Status: Concept
Timeframe: Near-term
Potential Funding:


Data-driven analytics are increasing critical to the success of any transportation agency. The recent NHS expansion impact on data collection, collaboration, and by extension, the entire decision making process. This leaves a fundamental question: How do we help agencies comply with FHWA requirements to manage across jurisdictions.


The research should focus of two primary areas of focus. The researchers must develop a guidebook for data integration across jurisdictional lines, as well as review the existing standards for civil data. This could include projects such as Civil Integrated Management (CIM) and the researchers must document the positive and negative ramifications of the various standards.

Research Plan:

The research plan must consist of:
• A thorough and comprehensive review of existing standards. Due to the nature of integrating data across various platforms, all the types of data management must be well accounted for to ensure proper integration.
• Developing a guidebook. This should be the primary tool that an end user would utilize to determine how to best integrate their data across jurisdictions.
• Planning a pilot program. Ideally, a pilot program would be implemented and then analyzed for success, but at a minimum, a comprehensive plan for an initial test of the data integration framework must be completed.

Duration: 18-24 months
Project Budget: $200,000

Topics: Data Collection Tools/Technologies
Subjects: Data Management and Integration