Comparison of ISO Framework and Legislative Requirements for Asset Management Plan

Status: Concept
Potential Funding:


Existing standards have been developed by ISO and are being used by various groups. Now there is federal legislature with requirements for asset management plans. The goal of this research is to establish relationships between these existing standards and the legislature requirements.


Identify linkage between ISO standards and MAP-21 TAMP requirements. Identify gaps or inconsistencies and propose solutions. The proposed solutions may include guidelines for agencies, research needs, modification to the standards, or agency specific standards that address agency specific needs.

Research Plan:

The project will include at least the following tasks:
• Literature search of directly relevant standards
• Identification of gaps and issues between ISO standards and MAP-21 requirements
• Propose solutions, develop guidance, recommend modifications to standards
• Identify and report on several case studies

Duration: 24 months
Project Budget: $400,000

Topics: Asset Management Plans
Subjects: Financial Management/Asset Valuation